Horrible! Tiger drags angry lady in china

Tiger attack woman, in china zoo

Tiger attack in china zoo

in a horrible and tragic incident, one woman killed and another critically injured by Giant Tigers in China, Beijing Badaling Wildlife World on Saturday.

The incident caught on cctv camera, footage shows that, during their visit to the wildlife park, one angry lady came out of the car due to quarrel, suddenly  a tiger attacked and grabbed her, his husband and other lady tried to save her but then another tiger attacked and killed the other woman. The first woman is in critical condition now.

However it was clearly mentioned by the park authorities that visitors should not come out of their vehicles,

So, moral is… dont ever step out of your car while you are red hot angry, you may be killed… by traffic even if not by a Tiger.

CCTV footage of Tiger attack in china zoo

Link of the video

Tiger attack in china zoo
Tiger attack woman, in china zoo

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